Sumo-wrestling pandas. Cave-dwelling goblins. Board-gaming ghosts. These are some of the wonderful places which exist in an imaginary world that Boy & Bear live in. Join Boy & Bear as they head out on an adventure to meet, greet and explore the inhabitants of this amazing imaginary world.
Blue & Red Col-erase pencils on 12inch x 12inch 180gsm Clairefontaine grained paper
Left - Bigfoots and the great outdoors     Right - Catching an early flight
Left - Jimmy & the Crabz rock out!     Right - Board-gaming Ghosts

Left - Cave-dwelling Goblins greet Boy & Bear     Right - A pack of Mischievous Monkeys
Left - A plethora of sumo-wrestling Pandas     Right - Fresh snow and Yetis
Blue, Red & Green Col-erase pencils on 5inch x 7inch 180gsm Clairefontaine grained paper
Far Left - Monkeys     Left - Little Knights     Right - A Goblin problem     Far Right - Crustacean dance!
Far Left - Sloths!     Left - Gaming     Right - Pandas!     Far Right - Bear will probably regret falling asleep
In 2015 I had my first NYC solo show at the awesome myplasticheart gallery where I had my drawings printed onto wood panels.
The show was a success. Below are some images from the show, from set up through to opening night.
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